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Nitrous Oxide

John D. Michalak, DMD

General Dentist located in Branford, CT

If nerves or anxiety have been keeping you from regular dental visits, sedation dentistry can help. At his Branford, Connecticut, dental practice, Dr. John D. Michalak offers sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide to keep you comfortable and relaxed during root canals, fillings, and other dental procedures. To find out if sedation dentistry is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michalak online or by phone.

Nitrous Oxide Q & A

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective sedative Dr. Michalak uses to help you relax during dental procedures. He administers the gas through a small mask that he fits over your nose before a dental procedure. You breathe normally into the mask and should feel the effects of the gas within minutes.

If you have a strong gag reflex or need to undergo a long dental procedure, Dr. Michalak may recommend using nitrous oxide to reduce your stress levels and ensure a positive experience.

What can I expect using nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide won’t put you to sleep like a general anesthesia. Rather, the gas helps to relax your muscles. You will be able to hear everything that is happening, and you can answer any questions Dr. Michalak asks during the procedure.

You will feel lightheaded and may experience tingling sensations in your arms and legs. Your limbs may also feel heavy and hard to move. Overall, your body will feel calm and comfortable.

Will I need to recover from nitrous oxide?

Throughout the procedure, Dr. Michalak monitors the administration of gas. When he completes your dental work, he removes the mask and the effects of the gas wear off soon after.

There is no additional recovery time necessary for nitrous oxide. You can go home soon after your procedure without restrictions.

Can nitrous oxide relieve my dental anxiety?

Many people avoid visiting the dentist out of fear or anxiety of dental procedures. As a result, poor dental hygiene leads to more complicated issues, like deep cavities, gum disease, and loss of teeth. These issues require even more dental work that can increase your stress and anxiety.

If you are fearful or anxious about an upcoming dental procedure, nitrous oxide can certainly help you to relax and remain calm during your treatment.

Dr. Michalak can review your medical history to ensure nitrous oxide is right for you. He can also work with you throughout your procedure to ensure you’re comfortable, relaxed, and free of discomfort and pain.

Schedule an appointment online or by phone to learn more about the benefits of nitrous oxide.